What social networks and sources do you monitor?

For keyword based social listening we monitor the below mentioned social netowrk sites and sources in over 45 languages, from all over the world, in near real-time. We provide full fidelity coverage (no sampling) for these social networks, to the extent possible based on the availablility of public data for that network via enterprise-grade APIs. 

MutualMind has Plugged-In status with Gnip (a wholly owned subsidiary of Twitter, Inc). We provide complete coverage of real-time results from Twitter that match the keywords in your campaign.

Sources for Keyword Listening

  • Facebook Pages
  • Flickr
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Blogs: tens of millions of blog posts and comments
  • Forums (Discussion Sites): millions of discussion forums and boards, answer sites and more
  • News media sites

What about Pinterest? Pinterest is not on our list because it does not offer an API for social listening yet. We are always striving to support more social networks and data sources as they become available.

Sources for Channel Tracking 
Channel listening brings in all posts for a given channel. We support ongoing and historical tracking for these channels
  • Facebook Pages
  • Twitter Handles
  • Blogs / RSS feeds
  • YouTube Channels
Historical Data support is available.

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