Filters: Content and Analyzer

Filters allow you to segment data based on various criteria. As shown below you can use one or more filters to narrow down the result set. When filters are combined with search, you get more power to find the 'needle in the hay'.

There are eight filter options available in Analyzer and Content views under Insights. 

Lets look at the Keyword Content filters first.
  1. Category - filter that allows you to look at either brand or competition (per campaign setup) or results that contain both. 
  2. Source - sources of social data, full list here.
  3. Mention Type - Post, Share, Reply, Update.
  4. Keyword - filter results by the keywords in your campaign; choose one or more.
  5. Sentiment - filter that allows you to look at negative, positive or other (neutral) results.
  6. Location - allows you to filter results by location. Start typing a location name and select from the possible matches.
  7. Tags - allows you to filter results by tags, as defined in your campaign. There's also an option to find posts with 'no tags'.
  8. Include Media - check the box next to Keyword/Channel Content selection to restrict results which include media (picture or video).
Search allows you to perform an advanced search across data in your campaign. For details on search syntax and advanced tips, see this knowledge base article.

Sorting the Results
Now that you've the data that you want, sort it alphabetically, by content, date or rank (dependent on source - Twitter offers rank and followers, blogs by rank). Sort by rank, reach or time. Sort options depend on the ‘Source’ e.g. Twitter enables all three but selecting Instagram only has time as sort option. 

Now, lets look at the Channel Content filters.

Most of the filters described above (Category, Sentiment, Location, Tag and Mention Type) work exactly the same. There are two filters that are different from the ones for Keyword content. Publisher is replaced by 'Content By' and Keywords are replaced by 'Channels'. 
  • Content By - channel owner (e.g. posts by the channel itself, such as from the Instagram account or Facebook page admin) or everyone else.
  • Channels - list of channels as setup in the campaign.

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