What dimensions are available in adaptive listening trend rule?

Dimensions define the conditions that trigger an action in an adaptive listening trend rule. You may use 'and' to combine more than one dimension. Another way to look at it: everything between 'if' and 'then' is a dimension, as shown here:

Volume applies to overall campaign, a keyword or a tag (select 'for' to go to next step to choose keyword or tag). Volume change (increase, decrease) can be a number, percentage or a multiple of standard deviation, over a certain window of time (hours or days).

Sentiment (negative, neutral, positive) percentage is the other dimension available for trend rules. The change in sentiment value works the same way as volume.

The actions available for trend rules include:
  • Call Webhook
  • Email 
  • Task creation

Tips and Best Practices
Recommended to use actual values as threshold. Percentage changes can be quite large for new keywords or campaigns, edited keywords.

Time of the day and seasonality are other factors that can cause large but variation of volume which may not be significant for business purpose.

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