How do I create an adaptive listening post rule?

Adaptive listening rules have two types: post rules and trend rules. (For an overall introduction to Adaptive listening and how it works, please see this guide.)

To create a post rule, go to your Campaign page, scroll down to the Adaptive Listening section, and click “Add Adaptive Post Rule.”

Once inside the Rules Editor, you can start typing to create a rule. Every rule starts with "if". The conditions are linked by "and" and actions are followed by "then". Let’s create a rule to identify upsell prospects. Give a name to your rule and click inside the "Rule" text box. You’ll notice a couple things happen: first, the progress bar fills to indicate that we’ve started building the clauses of our rule. Keep an eye on it as we go through the process - you’ll note how it guides you through the steps and tells you when you’re done. Second, you’ll see that the Editor has brought up a set of suggestions for what I can add to my rule. You’ll notice this auto-complete function showing up throughout the creation process. Adaptive listening post rules can leverage match expressions, user lists, location lists and send data to external systems using Webhooks. Go to Admin menu to manage match expressions, match lists and webhooks.
Please watch the Walkthrough video for more details.

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