What is a 'Matched List'?

Matched List is a tool that lets you collect a list of Twitter handles or geo-locations and use them as a filter or act on that list within the Adaptive Listening Engine.

There are two types of Matched Lists: Human Curated and Machine Learned. 

Human Curated lists are ones where you add users to the list. This can be a hand-picked list or a collection from your existing system. You add users in one of three ways:
  • manually by editing the list in Manage Match List view 
  • using our Content page in Insights where clicking on profile lets you add that profile to a list. 
  • importing users in bulk (contact us for details) or 
The other type of Match List is Machine Learned. This type of list basically works the opposite way: you can use an Adaptive Listening rule to segment out content using a set of Dimensions, then add any Twitter handles that create matching content to your Match List. 

At any time you can add new Twitter handles, or “mute” specific handles, so they can’t be acted upon by any Adaptive Listening Rules. 

Use cases and Tips on usage
This is powerful for many use cases, such as segmentation. You can use an Adaptive Listening rule to find an audience that matches a fine-grained set of criteria, automatically have them added to Match List, then use that list for a business action such as Twitter ad targeting. 

It’s also important to note that you can use rules to create Match Lists and then trigger off of them. For example, first rule adds a Twitter handle to a list if one of our customer service reps with certain initials responds to someone from a brand handle. The second rule automatically creates a task for the same representative if any of the people they responded to Tweets about our brand again.

Note: Adaptive Listening rules are acted on in sequence, from first to last, so use this order of operations to your advantage.


Here's what a user list for Twitter profile looks like. Note the active and inactive users:

Adding Users via Mini-Profile:
Click on a user name in the Insights dashboard to see the mini-profile and the option to add that user to a list of your choice.

Location List:
The location list provides a way to add locations - either as a city, region or country or precise location with latitude and longitude with a radius.

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