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Within Content or Analyzer sections of Insights, there's a search field for finding results that match your criteria. Used by itself or with combination of filters, it is a powerful way to find signal from the noise. The search function supports text searches (like a Google search) as well as power searches that we describe below.

Basic Search Tips
Regular Search -- apples oranges, "apples oranges"
Boolean operators AND OR NOT -- "flight delay" NOT #jetblue
Special characters must be within quotes  -- "macy's", "baker & sons"

Advanced / Power Search
Topic search -- allows for a broader search for a topic; use this format topic:"term1 term2 .. "
Language search -- use this format with the standard two-letter ISO code for languages lang:"es"
Search for mentions of a user -- search for @username (example below)
Search for posts from a user -- search as author:"@username" (example below)
Search for all posts that include a user name -- search for username without @ (example below)

  • Search is NOT case sensitive
  • Search is not limited to post but also includes usernames
  • Topic search can also be initiated by clicking on "Top Discovered Topics" in Insights. It can also be reached through the post details info box on the right side of each post in Content.
  • Limitation: serach looks for the exact term and requires white space before and after the term. For instance, search for nyse will not find nyse:abc or $nyse because of the character before and after nyse. Searching for nyse:abc will work. 
Search for @xyz -- you get all mentions of the user @xyz

Example. Search using power operator 'author' -- results include posts by that author.

Example. Search for a name - results includes posts by and from the name.

Example. Here's an example when search matches a user profile name.

If your search query is not constructed correctly, yo uwill see an error at the top. Here's how it looks.

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