Social channel setup and results

MutualMind supports the following for channel listening and insights.
  • Facebook Pages
  • Instagram Accounts
  • Twitter profiles
  • RSS Feeds
  • Youtube Channels
It is very simple to add these channels in a campaign. You are NOT required to authenticate the channel in order to add it and view the statistics. You can add Brand channels as well as competition channels and analyse them.

You need to have admin access to setup social channels in a campaign.
  • Choose the campaign in which channels are to be added from the Homepage
  • You can add brand and competitor channels in Social Channel Configuration.
Facebook Channel:
  • Click on Add page in the facebook configuration setup.
Add the facebook channel you would like to monitor in the text box and cick Add

Click on Add Account in the twitter configuration

Simply write the username or URL in the text box and click Add.

Web/RSS Feeds:
Click on Add Web Feed

Write the feed that you want to track in the text box and click Add. You can view data from these feeds and also get valuable insights


Click on the Add Channel in the social channel configuration.

Simply type in the channel username or URL and click Add.

You can add authenticated social channels as well. Authenticated channels are the properties that you own or have admin access to. We can provide more detailed data if an authenticated channel is added in the campaign but it is not a requirement. 

How do I view channel data?
In order to view the data from the social channels added in the campaign.
Go to Insights > Content and select "Channel Content"

You can select the channel and further details by using the selection bar in the Channel Content. Apply other filters as needed. You can tag content as well.

No content?  check date range to make sure that the social channels have some activity in the selected date range.

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