What is MCC (MutualMind Command Center)?

MCC stands for MutualMind Command Center.

MCC is an add-on product to our Listening and Analytics Desktop - once you have a listening/analytics, you can add MCC to it. MCC provides always-on, real-time data and visualizations on any size screen. It comes with an intuitive interface to build and configure views in minutes.

How is MCC tied with Desktop product?
MCC has been built on the foundation of desktop listening/analytics product. MCC can ONLY work if there's listening/analytics product -- in other words its a bundle, not a stand-alone product. Pricing of the total package starts at $4,000 per month.

What are the use cases for MCC?
  • Brand Awareness and Health Monitoring
  • Reputation and Crisis Monitoring
  • Events - conferences, trade shows and internal company events
  • Customer service
  • Competitive analysis
  • Operations
  • Product / Marketing campaign launch
  • For Agencies - Business Development

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