MCC Browser and Hardware Specs

The MutualMind Command Center (MCC) is a cloud-based web application that visualizes real-time social feeds and analytics on any size display, from mobile devices to TV monitors to larger displays. MCC view is based on one or more listening campaign(s) in your site. The MutualMind web application allows administrators to provision and control all aspects of MCC.  

MCC is highly modular and is based off of social listening campaign, widgets and canvas views (see this article to learn more about them). Once all the canvas, widget and campaigns settings and configurations are complete, you can launch a MCC view in a browser. Each MCC view has a unique link (URL) that encodes all of the settings for that view. That link can be shared with others who can view the MCC view with a single click!  

1. The Basics
Once you have the social listening setup completed, all you need to run a provisioned MutualMind Command Center is a high-speed Internet connection, a browser such as latest version of Chrome running on a computer/device connected to a display such as TV, computer monitor/screen, projector etc. 

Here are the three key requirements to display the Command Center:
* Broadband (wired connection preferred) - at least 5Mbps
* Latest Internet Browser (Chrome is the preferred browser, Safari or Firefox are second choices).  Extensions or add-ons to the browser may interfere with MCC so we recommend disabling them. 
* Display connected to the computer/device running the browser. MCC is browser and memory intensive so you should have plenty of memory (see specs below)

2. Hardware Requirements
This sections provides requirements for the computer and a display compatible with it. Remember that your command center hardware requirements depend on the number of displays you will have. The display can be a monitor, projector, jumbotron screen or a TV - even a tablet! We strongly recommend a display with 16:9 aspect ratio. Computer Specs We recommend a latest computer – with a compatible connectivity to the desired display. If the display is a TV, you may want an HDMI port available on the computer. If it’s a regular office monitor, an RGB or DVI port will suffice. Graphics Card: We recommend a dedicated a graphics card to ensure smooth processing of display. RAM / Memory: The browser running MCC requires plenty of memory. We recommend larger of either 6 GB of memory or 1.5 times the minimum RAM recommendation to run the Operating System (OS).

3. Multi-Display Setup
For multi-display setup you need to connect the computer (or computers) to all displays. If you are using a single computer to connect with multiple displays, you will need multiple graphics cards installed on the computer to support the multiple displays (one graphic card for each display device). From there, it’s about opening different browser windows into each of the displays installed.

Here's one example of a nine-screen display as a 3x3 setup.

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