Command Center Variations

What are variations?
Variation is a special type of canvas.

A regular canvas is not tied to any campaign. You can apply a canvas to any ONE active campaign at the time of launch. This has the benefit of "create once, use many times." The canvas will show results from that campaign and include results for all keywords or you could filter for brand/competition keywords.

Consider these situations:
  1. When you may to skip the campaign selection step
  2. When you need different widgets in a canvas to be associated with different campaigns
  3. When you want to pick and choose which keywords to use in a given campaing 
Variation addresses all of these situations and display results from multiple campaigns or for a subset of keywords in one or more campaigns. A variation inherits the widget layout of the parent canvas and widget settings but allows you to specify the campaign and keywords for each widget.

A variation is an instance of MCC canvas which is tied to a specific campaign or multiple campaigns if there are two or more widgets on that canvas (each widget can be tied to one campaign). Optionally for each widget on the canvas, you can select a specific set of keywords so that the display is filtered by the selected keywords.

You can launch a variation with a single click.

Limiation: A variation cannot be edited. You may delete it and add a new one.

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