Content browser overview

Content is the view within Insights that shows posts (also known as verbatims) with metrics. You may view all posts or apply filters that allow you to segment data. You can also search within content. The results can be sorted by different ways (time, alphabetical etc).

Content page presents the most granular view of the data. It lets you take actions on bulk or individual posts and also allows you to 'Analyze' the filtered/custom result set.

Take a look at these annotated screenshots to learn about the rich and powerful features of Content browser.

Once you've selected the filters, its time to work on the results.

Lets take a close look at the results.

Interact with profiles.

Advanced Topic: How to view content for a specific hourly time window.
Currently this feature is not supported in the user interface. As a workaround, you have to edit the URL by appending start_time and end_time parameters at the end of URL, using this format: 

This is how the complete URL may look like - change the site name to your own to try this out.

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