Widget and Canvas

What is a Canvas?
Canvas is a container for widgets that is displayed in browser-ready – a canvas can have one, two, three or up to four widgets, each with its own settings for time window, brand/competition/all category and more. Once you design a canvas (decide which widgets to include, their layout and what settings to apply for each widget), it can be used with any active campaign -- "Design Once, Use Many Times".

A canvas can be viewed in browser and has a unique link. A canvas is also referred to as "MCC View."

What is a Widget?
A widget is the most granular, independent unit of view which encapsulates real-time, auto-refreshed social feed, analytics and visualization. Some widgets have animation and interactive features. There are three types of widgets in MutualMind:
  1. Social Streams – mentions, images, video (with stats)
  2. Geo-Activity Map – maps displaying activity location with aggregate metrics and content
  3. Charts - to display metrics, e.g. volume over time 
  4. OpenScreen – allow integration with third party data or apps
Widget Settings: widgets have settings and filtering options such as: time window, data filters (brand/competition, sentiments) and user profile attributes – followers, influence, featured user (social profiles). Widget settings vary by type of widget and the context – e.g. activity map allows you to specify default center location of the map to be displayed and set zoom levels.

Viewing and Sharing
Once designed, a view can be deployed in a browser for any of the existing listening campaigns. Command center views can be shared with others using share-able links that encode all the settings/preferences of the canvas. A recipient of the link does not need any login -- just clicking on the link launches it.

Only administrators have access to MCC menu for editing and launching canvasses.

Also see Variations.

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