Channel Listening and Analytics

MutualMind provides capability to get stats and posts for channels.

The analytics are provided for:
In addition to the views described above that provide channel level aggregated stats, you can also see posts and stats for channels in the Analyzer and Content sections of Insights.

Do I need to own a social channel to see its stats?
MutualMind provides analysis and stats of any public social channel that you add in the campaign. You do not have to own a channel to see its statistics.

What analytics do you provide?
For each channel added to the campaign, MutualMind provides channel level (e.g. Facebook Fans and Talking About stats for a Facebook page) and post details and stats (number of posts, engagement on the posts AND actual posts).

Facebook and Twitter:
Total number of Fans/Followers, total change, the rate at which the change takes place and engagement can be viewed in the insights Dashboard.

In the Competitive Intelligence section you can see an overview of brand and competition Facebook and Twitter profile statistics

Detailed Channel Analytics
Find more channel analytics from the menu on Insights Dashboard as shown below.

In-depth analysis of the Facebook profiles added in the campaign can be viewed in the Facebook pages section

In-depth analysis per day of posts and sentiments can be viewed                         
You can view in-depth Twitter profile analysis in the Twitter accounts section

You can view in-depth Youtube profile analysis in the Youtube channel section.

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