White Label Setup

You can easily update your site settings to start the white label process.

Step 1. Site Customization
Go to Admin > Site Customizations and provide sender email address and the logo for PDF reports. For details, see instructions listed in this article

The second, optional part for white label setup is explained below

Step 2. Create a ticket for MutualMind Support and provide the following:
  • High resolution brand logo to be displayed on command center 
  • Desired name of your site (e.g. MyBrand instead of MutualMind) -- this name will be displayed on the home page and on the footer of every page in the desktop application
  • Vanity URL - optional - if you want to use a custom domain e.g. social.yoursite.com instead of *.mutualmind.net
For any other questions, contact MutualMind Support.

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