Keyword Alerts

How do I setup and customize notifications and alerts for my campaign?
MutualMind sends out different types of alerts and notifications via e-mail. You can control the types of e-mails you receive by going to the homepage and then clicking "Manage Notifications" under "Account Settings".

Alerts – An e-mail is sent when there's significant activity that matches a keyword from your campaign that is setup for sending out alerts. You need to add each campaign keyword individually to alerts list to receive these instant alerts.  Care should be taken when enabling keyword alerts -- you can get up to 6 e-mails per hour for each keyword that has been setup for alerts.

When Are Keyword Alerts Sent?
The platform looks at the last six hours of data. It then breaks it down into ten minute buckets and averages those. The platform then looks at the current bucket, compared to average. If number is double the average, a notification will be sent.

How do I change my Notification settings?
You can manage your notification preferences by clicking "Account" from the top right and then selecting "Manage Notifications".

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