Analyzer - Overview

What is Analyzer and why should I use it?
Analyzer is an interactive discovery and exploratory tool within Insights. Use Analyzer for on-demand analysis for a custom data set defined by your criteria: one or more of the seven filters, search and a time window.

Note that Analyzer and Content have similar interfaces for filter/search and allow you to toggle between post-by-post content view and dashboard view for the same data set.

For instance, you may want to better understand the data set for Jan 1 to Apr 12 of 2015, coming from Twitter and blogs with search for a specific term 'flight delay' and geolocation in United States. Once you select the time window, publishers, location and search term, Analyzer will give you a custom view of volume over time, topics, post types, sentiments, users and more.

About Filters
Analyzer and Content comes with 7 filters and search (with Boolean and power operators). Here's a description (video coming soon) that describes how these filters work.
  1. Category -- did the content match brand keyword(s), competition keyword(s) or both?
  2. Sentiment -- was the content classified as positive, negative or other (neutral, mixed etc)?
  3. Source -- what was the source of the content?
  4. Location -- what was the location associated with this content: could be author location (self-reported by a user), post location (geotag embedded as metadata) or unknown location
  5. Mention Type -- was this a post (i.e. a tweet, the most common social mention type), reply (i.e. @mention in Twitter) or a share (eg retweet)
  6. Tag -- user-defined or system tag that was applied to content
  7. Keyword -- filter results based on individual keyword or keyword groups defined in the campaign

How to Get to Analyzer

Here are three common paths to using Analyzer. You can start from Insights Overview or from Content or go directly to Analyzer. Make sure you've the desired date range selected.

1 - Insights:
Step 1. Start with Insights dashboard and drill-down by clicking on a chart, keyword or on one of the term in Top Discovered Topics
Step 2. This will take you to Content page with data that matches whatever date/source/other filters was applied.
Step 3. Click on "Analyze Content" link or on "Analyzer" in the Insights Dashboard menu in left side bar.
Step 4. This will take you to Analyzer where you will get analysis of your data set. The analysis includes volume, topics, sentiment, types of posts, top users and top locations. As with any interactive analysis, refine your data selection criteria to fine-tune the results.

2 - Content:
Step 1. Go to Content page directly: Insights > Content 
Step 2. Apply one or more filters and and/or enter a search term. Review and repeat as necessary till you get the desired results.  
Step 3. Click on "Analyze Content".
Step 4. View will switch to Analyzer page where analysis of your data set is presented, as explained above.

3 - Analyzer:
Step 1. Navigate the application menu to go directly to Insights > Analyzer  
Step 2. Apply one or more filters (source, category, location, sentiment etc) and/or enter a search term.  
Step 3. Analyzer page will provide analysis of the data set. 

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